6 New Year’s House Cleaning Resolutions

6 New Year’s House Cleaning Resolutions - Oakville Maids

Hello and welcome back to Oakville Maids! Today we’re bringing you 10 New Year’s house cleaning resolutions to start 2024 on the right foot.

First of all, happy New Year! At Oakville Maids, we’re so excited to start 2024 and share our house cleaning tips and tricks with our customers.

And we thought this is a fantastic topic as the first cleaning article of the year! Let’s share some house cleaning resolutions that are realistic, effective, and help you be in control of your house this year.

Set Realistic Goals

One of the key aspects of any New Year’s house cleaning resolution (or any resolution for that matter) is being realistic. We all get excited and positive in January, which is normal and it happens to all of us.

However, it’s important to keep your goals realistic and not go overboard. You will feel better if you accomplish all your reasonable tasks instead of failing at dozens of unrealistic, excessive goals.

If you start with a strong cleaning schedule for each month, you likely get burned out by April or May and quit. Make sure you start slow and if you feel like you can add more tasks, then do so!

Compare your house cleaning resolutions to your other personal and professional goals this year. If you have a lot on your plate right now, it’s best to create a more realistic and simple organization for 2024.

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Create a Cleaning Schedule

A cleaning schedule is key to starting the new year. This schedule needs to adapt to your life, and you have to keep your current routine in mind.

Are you an early bird or a night owl? Do you prefer cleaning 30 minutes every other day, or two hours in a single day during the week? How often does it take you to clean your home every day?

These are all the right questions you need to consider when creating this schedule.

Prioritize high-traffic areas. For example, you can assign 70% of your cleaning time to your kitchen and living room (which is not heavy-duty work) and 30% to your bathroom and bedrooms.

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Incorporate the Whole Family

This is especially important if you have kids growing up who need responsibilities and good habits.

Incorporate the whole family into your house cleaning resolutions. It’s a win-win if everyone in your family has some responsibility for taking care of their own homes, and no one gets too tired or overwhelmed.

As you create a cleaning schedule, you can also add an extra row to designate members from your family to your house cleaning routine. You can even switch every month so that no one gets bored!

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Discover All-Purpose Cleaning Products

All-purpose cleaning products are versatile and in many cases, safer to use than their more commercial counterparts.

As a professional cleaning service in Oakville, we often use both all-purpose and specialized cleaning products, depending on the situation.

You can write down “discover all-purpose cleaning products” as one of your house cleaning resolutions. This is definitely doable and it improves your cleaning speed and flow.

You spend way less time and energy if you only have to keep up with one or two cleaning products instead of seven or ten.

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Discovering new eco-friendly all-purpose cleaning products - Oakville Maids

Look for House Cleaning Devices and Tools

Technology moves forward and house cleaning is not the exception.

Just like with all-purpose cleaners, there are many tools as well right now. You might consider getting one or two gadgets to help you clean your house smarter and not harder.

For example, a steam cleaner will help you clean water fixtures and remove grease using only hot water (steam).

You can also search for robot vacuum cleaners or robot mops. They certainly won’t be as good as a human, but they can help with consistency.

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Bonus: Look for a Professional House Cleaning Service in Oakville

Last but not least: look for professional cleaning services if house cleaning is just not your thing or if you want to focus on different areas of your life in 2024.

You might be starting a new job, or a side business, or you just want to spend more time with your family this year. Oakville has so many beautiful places. You have everything from the Coronation Park, the Gairloch Gardens, and the Bronte Heritage Park.

If this is your case, consider hiring a cleaning and maid service in Oakville, Ontario.

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Hiring Oakville Maids as a Professional Cleaning Service


There you have it! 5 New Year’s House Cleaning resolutions. We hope these tips help you keep track of your home and make house cleaning easier for you.

As we mentioned earlier, check Oakville Maids services! We have everything from just a standard house cleaning service to special events cleaning.

We will be back soon with way more cleaning articles this year. Bookmark our blog and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Until next time!