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Schedule house cleaning services on your preferred day and time. We come when your family and schedule allow, not when ours does.


A cleaning team arrives to take care of the dirty work. You can relax at home, go to work, or simply escape to enjoy yourself while we clean your home.

Relax !

Enjoy your free time. With the chores out of the way, use this time to reconnect with family or friends, enjoy a book, or have a comforting cup of tea.

Finding trusted cleaners for you.

We know inviting someone into your home is a big deal. All Oakville Maids cleaners are carefully vetted by us so we choose the right person to care for your home.

We guarantee your Oakville Maids cleaner will always be:

Experienced & professional

English speaking

Background & reference checked

Interviewed in-person

Highly rated by other Oakville Maids customers



Outsource your cleaning chores to us so you can spend your new-found free time with family, friends, or just yourself!


Our skilled, professionals home cleaners go above and beyond on every job.


Cleaners are vetted during our selective, five-stage hiring process. We hire only the best talent so you can breathe easy while welcoming us into your home.


Come home to a perfectly clean, healthy environment to relax after a hard day of work. We handle the dirty work so you don’t have to.


Pay securely online using our cybersecurity approved payment portal or over the phone. We also offer convenient autopayment for recurring service.


We have multiple communication mediums so you can more easily contact Oakville Maids' staff. Or login to your portal to easily make changes yourself.


At Oakville Maids we prioritize your convenience and make scheduling a clean effortless. Our user-friendly online booking page allows you to easily book cleaning service directly from your phone. This quick, hassle-free approach let us take charge of the cleaning while saving you a few more moment of your time. Then enjoy arriving home to a pristine, clean space.


I cannot tell you how impressed I am with the job that your team did. I'm serious. I cannot tell you what a phenomenal job they did. I feel like I will never be able to show my appreciation to the extent to which I feel. If anyone there needs a ride to the airport, somebody to walk their dog, or watch their grandma, you let me know. lol.

James M

Oakville Maids is my new Go-To for cleaning Service. They were quick with a quote. Friendly and responsive. The house cleaner was especially Amazing! She did it by herself what it took previous companies two people to do. And because the price was so fair I will be calling them again and likely more often than I did other companies. Thank you Oakville Maids!

Kevin W.

Liliana does a great job at our Oakville, Ontario home. She is a hard worker and does a thorough cleaning. Oakville Maids is very fortunate to have Liliana. Please take this and other positive reviews into consideration when it is time to consider pay raises and possible performance bonus pay for great workers like Liliana.

Gary O.

I was absolutely thrilled with the job your house cleaner did. She was super professional and paid close attention to detail. She was sweet to my cat who is very friendly and likes to get in the way. My home feels brand new! Thank you SO much!

Sara H.

The service was fantastic. My place was a mess, with tons of pet hair, built up grime, dust, dishes, you name it. My maid took the time to get everything done the right way and I was so happy with how everything turned out. She was very polite and friendly as well. Will totally be using this service again.

Sean J.


Experience the joys of living in Oakville without the stress of cleaning your home. Oakville Maids, a family-owned cleaning service, will handle your cleaning to-do list so you have more time to relax, enjoy, and engage your own life. Our professional, award-winning team delivers a quality experience that you won’t forget.

We offer a comprehensive range of house cleaning services, catering to your specific needs. Whether it’s a one-time deep cleaning, move-in/move-out service, or regular routine cleaning, we provide exactly what you need without breaking your budget. Booking is simple, call or text (289) 295-3777, email us on our contact us page, or use our easy online booking portal which only takes a minute or two to book your clean!

Our Top 3 Most Requested Services

  1. Standard House Cleaning: Choose recurring maid services on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.
  2. Deep Cleaning: Treat your home to a detailed cleaning, perfect before you host company or a party.
  3. Move-Out Cleaning: Get your deposit back if you’re renting or have your home market-ready if selling by having us perform our move-out special to leave your old place sparkling and fresh for the next family.

At Oakville Maids, our focus is on tailoring our services to meet the unique cleaning needs of Oakville homeowners. Need an occasional clean or prepare your home for special event, we’d be happy to clean your home. Oakville Maids professional house cleaning can handle any cleaning conundrum. If you do not see the particular cleaning service you need for your home, just ask us! 

Our professional cleaners are meticulously vetted during our selective 5-stage hiring process, trained, and paid a living wage, allowing us to provide you with the best talent available for any type of cleaning job you may need. 

Certified Living Wage Employer

Our Cleaners Are Paid A Living Wage

Our home cleaning service is deeply committed to not only assembling a caliber cleaning team but also ensuring that they don’t need to seek additional employment elsewhere. At Oakville Maids, we are proud Certified Living Wage Employer, guaranteeing that our professional home cleaners are compensated with a living wage for their exceptional work.

This detail may seem like a small addition, but it’s a crucial part of our business philosophy. We firmly believe that outstanding staff deliver exceptional service. While it’s true that you might find cheaper cleaning services in Oakville, we consistently hear from our loyal clientele that the slightly higher cost of our services is well worth it because it provides heaps and bounds of value. They appreciate the peace of mind that comes with knowing our team is trustworthy, dependable, highly skilled, and always reliable. Our housekeepers don’t just tidy up; they transform houses into homes again, providing peace and adding happiness to our customers’ lives by removing the chore of cleaning. 

Our Cleaning Services Included

  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Sweeping and Mopping
  • Baseboards and Walls
  • Hardwood Floor Care
  • Wiping Down Surfaces
  • Light Organizing
  • Inside and Outside of Cabinetry, Oven, and Refrigerator
  • Interior Windows
  • Living Room Cleaning
  • Kitchen Cleaning
  • Bathroom Cleaning
  • Bedroom Cleaning
  • Laundry Room Cleaning
  • Office Cleaning
  • Light Laundry

Scheduling your cleaning services with Oakville Maids is now a cinch! Call (289) 295-3777 today to receive a free, no-obligation quote from our friendly office staff. Or simply book your cleaning online, and enjoy a clean and healthy living environment, with more time to spend with loved ones or just yourself.



Cleaning homes is a career I discovered. I didn’t go to school to learn this industry. Through what I now consider to be happy circumstances, I find myself and my cleaning team welcomed into people’s homes.

After leaving the tech industry, I embarked on a journey in home cleaning services. Why? Because I learned the value of a clean home while at university and my early career. I was fortunate to find a reliable, consistent cleaning service to come and take care of my home while I was juggling early adulthood. With that in mind, I began to see the value in just coming home to a clean space and resting. No dishes, no vacuuming, no laundry to get moving. So, I set off on what became the next twenty years of my professional career. More than some of the funny memories, opportunities to serve, and chances to make home feel like a haven again, I’m grateful I’ve been kindly welcomed into other’s homes and having had the chance to add to our customers’ happiness. 

The amazing service our customers rave about starts with simply having the right people. I won’t lie and say you can’t find cheaper cleaning services in Oakville. I’m sure you can. But almost daily we hear from our customers that while our cleaning may cost a little more, they are thrilled to have a reliable and detailed cleaning from trustworthy, good-hearted housekeepers who often become part of the family. Most importantly our professional home cleaners make our customers’ home feel like a haven, a peaceful place of Zen where they may meditate, relax, and just be without the added burden of dealing with the debris that comes with living life. 

As the CEO of Oakville Maids, I take our company’s guiding vision and mission seriously. Everyday our goal is to make home a place that you are relieved to walk into, not seeing a massive to-do list, but rather a couch to nap on, a chair to read a good book in, or table to enjoy a warm meal. And as my family settles into Oakville more and more, we are impressed by the friendliness of the community. My goal is to bring that same friendliness, along with our trademark attention to detail and hard work, into your home. As the CEO of Oakville Maids, I want to let you know how grateful we are for your business and how seriously we take our job. We are here so you get to just be at home. Whatever that means for you, our part is to make it peaceful, clean place of Zen for you.

Gregory ~ CEO, Oakville Maids


We Maid Cleaning Easy!

Your satisfaction is our purpose in the cleaning business! From your first call to schedule service to your ongoing weekly, biweekly, or monthly home cleaning, we are committed to delivering exceptional maid service experience. Our meticulous approach to hiring and retaining the best cleaners ensures that you receive the highest quality home cleaning in Oakville, Ontario.

And we made it easy! You can book a clean online in 60 seconds or, if you prefer, give us a ring and an Oakville Maids representative will cheerfully answer your questions and book service on a day that works best for you.


That Means You Get Quality-Proven Maids

Feedback is essential to our pay-for-performance model. After each service, you’ll receive an email requesting your input and giving you a chance to rate your service with a smiley face 😄, neutral face 😐, or frowny face 🙁. Your satisfaction directly impacts our cleaners’ performance bonuses, pay raises, and choice of cleaning jobs in Oakville. Your valuable feedback helps us vet and retain the best cleaning talent, ensuring a low turnover rate, and building lasting relationships with our clients. So, please share your thoughts and opinions about your experience with us! We take all feedback from our valued customers with utmost seriousness because it is essential for our mission to build the best house cleaning service in Oakville, Ontario.


Your Happiness, Our Purpose

You don’t have to be wealthy to enjoy the benefits of a professional maid service in Oakville. Oakville Maids has developed an efficient cleaning service that draws upon two decades of offering the most value in house cleaning available. With today’s busy lifestyle, delegating everyday responsibilities makes financial sense. By entrusting your housekeeping chores to Oakville Maids, you not only save time but also open up opportunities for additional income, personal growth, and adding to your happiness!

Take a few moments to assess the cost-benefit of hiring Oakville Maids’ professional maid service, and discover how it can positively impact your life. Then call Oakville Maids and Let Us Make Your Home Shine!

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