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Oakville Maids professional house cleaning service was started with one simple purpose: to make your home feel like a haven again. Whatever season of life you’re in, your home should be a place of rest and peace. With work, recreation, and miscellaneous activity and ventures around Oakville, home is often the place that gets the short straw. Dishes pile up, floors go un-vacuumed. Don’t even mention the bathroom. Or the laundry.

That’s where we come in to the picture. Our vision and goal as a house cleaning company is to make home feel like home again. No more crusty coffee cups in the sink or laundry waiting in the dryer. With Oakville Maids, you can come home from a long day at work or night out enjoying yourself and take a deep breath because the cleaning chores are already done.

Our mission begins with our team. We have an extensive, five-part hiring process for our housekeeping staff. When an Oakville Maids team member comes into your home, they have proven their house cleaning acumen, hard work, trustworthiness, integrity, and flexibility to us. We spend so much time making sure we have the right people so that we can serve you and your family with confidence. While we may not be the cheapest maid service in town, we are confident we are the best. We pride ourselves in providing quality cleaning services, which as we all know, cost a bit more than the average cleaning company.

But don’t worry. We cost a little bit more because we provide exceptional service to our customers. If for some reason we don’t quite hit the mark, we’ll come back to fix it at no extra cost to you. No haggling. No begging on the phone with customer service for hours. We do it right the first time and on the rare day we make a mistake, we fix it, no questions asked.


At Oakville Maids in Oakville, Ontario, we offer cleaning services designed for you and requested by our loyal customers. And we don’t take a cookie-cutter approach. Select the cleaning services you want, and we’ll make them happen when you want them.

Our Oakville cleaning services include:

Little Green Dot Standard Maintenance Cleaning (Weekly/ Bi-Weekly): Our consistent cleaning crew visits your home on a regular schedule, ensuring a tidy and comfortable living space every week or every two weeks, just the way you like it.

Little Green Dot Comprehensive Deep Cleaning: Our deep cleaning service goes beyond the surface, reaching hidden corners and spaces, giving your home a thorough makeover that’s sure to impress.

Little Green Dot Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning: Moving is a big step, and we make it easier by thoroughly cleaning your new place before you settle in, or ensuring your old home is spotless as you bid it farewell.

Little Green Dot Occasional Refresh Cleaning: For those times when life gets busy, our team is here for a one-time cleaning to restore order and cleanliness in your home, letting you relax and unwind.

Little Green Dot Special Event or Occasion Cleaning: When unexpected visitors are on the way, or a last-minute event pops up, our team will swiftly come to the rescue, ensuring your home is presentable and inviting.

At Oakville Maids, we take pride in offering a range of affordable house cleaning services to meet your unique needs, making your home a welcoming sanctuary through our dedicated and reliable cleaning expertise.


We are 100% committed to open communication and trust between you and the team that cares for your home. The rigorous hiring process we use to build our team reflects our commitment to providing you with an exceptional made service:

Little Green Dot Elevated Standards: We handpick individuals who embody qualities of responsibility, ethics, and teamwork, ensuring your home is in capable and caring hands.

Little Green Dot Dedication to Growth: Our team is comprised of learners who value improvement. We seek team members who embrace feedback and share our enthusiasm for continuous personal development.

Little Green Dot Legal and Canadian-Taxed Employees: Upholding our values, we exclusively hire legal, Canadian-taxed employees. We take pride in contributing to the thriving environment of The Province of Opportunity, just as you do.

Rest assured, at Oakville Maids, we prioritize your peace of mind and take every step to guarantee that the individuals cleaning your home are reliable, dedicated, and aligned with our values of excellence and integrity.


Starting your journey to a spotless home is simple and convenient with Oakville Maids. Here’s how you can take the first step:

Little Green Dot Call Us: Reach out to us directly at (289) 295-3777. Our friendly team is ready to assist you in scheduling your cleaning service and answering any questions you may have.

Little Green Dot Book Online: For a seamless experience and the fastest service, click on “Book My Cleaning Online” to access our user-friendly booking platform. Select your preferred service, choose a suitable time, and let us handle the rest.

Little Green Dot Email Us: Email us your questions and cleaning conundrum to service@oakvillemaids.ca or through our form on our Contact Us page. You will receive a prompt reply.

At Oakville Maids, we’re excited to bring our housecleaning expertise to your doorstep. Whichever method you choose, we’re here to provide you with a refreshing and delightful cleaning experience that exceeds your expectations.


Select the date and time you’d like your professional to show up.​


A certified cleaner comes over and cleans your place.​


Sit back and relax. Enjoy your sparkling home!​


Saves You Time

Spend your new-found time with family, friends, and yourself!

Safety First​

Our cleaners are vetted during our selective, 5-stage hiring process.

Only The Best Quality​

Our customers rate our cleaners which means you get quality-proven talent.


Come home to a perfectly clean, healthy home environment to relax after a day of hard work.


We have multiple communication mediums so you can more easily contact Oakville Maids' staff.


Pay securely online or over the phone. We offer convenient autopayment for recurring service.

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