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House Cleaning Tips for Halloween - Oakville Maids

Hello and welcome to Oakville Maids! We wanted to kickstart our cleaning blog with house cleaning tips for Halloween!

Halloween is just two days away! And we all know it’s such an exciting holiday in the U.S. and Canada. If you live in Oakville, Ontario, you know there’s so much to do this spooky season.

And if you’re planning to celebrate this with a party or reunion, you better do some house cleaning first!

Any holiday is special and exciting because you get to see your friends and family. And we all want to impress our guests with a clean and tidy home. That’s why we created this checklist to clean your home before Halloween or any other holiday in the future.

Without further ado, here are our cleaning tips to get your house ready for Halloween!


Cleaning For Halloween: Start With a Clutter-Free Space

Before any heavy-duty cleaning, you should declutter first. Think about the activities you’ve planned, and make sure to declutter (and clean) these areas.

If you don’t know where to start or what’s causing the biggest issues, stand in the corner of each room and decide in 5 seconds what’s bothering you the most. Remove this item and the repeat the steps.

You can grab a basket to quickly toss out-of-place items there and then reorganize or just hide the basket if you don’t have the time.


Dust and Vacuum Surfaces

Dusting and vacuuming surfaces is important, especially flat, large surfaces. Floors, countertops and tables or desks are good examples.

Here are our favorite cleaning tips:

Grab a 10-pack or a 24-pack of washable microfiber cloths, and assign 2-3 cloths for each room. With microfiber cloths you can wipe first with an all-purpose cleaner, then a bit of water, and then a dry cloth.

Leave your floors for last. After wiping light fixtures, countertops and shelves, there’s going to be dust and dirt that falls on top of your floors.

The first impression is what counts. Sweep and mop entryways because that’s the first thing your guests will see.

Don’t forget to vacuum or sweep under furniture and in corners! This sets the difference between a room cleaned by a rookie vs a cleaning pro!

Vacuuming sofa before Halloween - Oakville Maids

Cleaning Your Guest Bedroom for Halloween

It’s not uncommon to hear you’re having guests staying over. In this case, it’s time to get your guest bedroom and bathroom ready!

Because you’re running short on time, it’s important to set priorities. Start with the bathroom. Clean the toilet, the shower and the sink. Wipe your mirror as well and quickly wipe any cabinets and drawers.

Leave a small basket with new toiletries, clean towels, an all-purpose cleaner spray bottle and personal care items.

Leave some space in their closets to hang out their garments. Wipe surfaces (TV stand, nightstands…).

Here’s a fantastic trick: spend a night in your guest’s room. This will tell you exactly how they will see and feel that room. Will they find enough covers? Are light fixtures working? Are blankets and pillows dusty or smelly? These are the little things you will find out after sleeping there.

Cleaning Up After Halloween

Now that you have everything ready, it’s a good idea to plan for an easy cleanup after Halloween.

First of all, don’t go too crazy with decorations. Go for simple, easy-to-remove items and place them strategically. Place a fun, Halloween-themed centerpiece on a clean, shiny table or desk. This diverts attention from areas that are not so clean.

Set up little “trash/recycle” areas for guests to place used cups and plates, along with fresh napkins and a rubbing alcohol dispenser.

Add shoe mats and/or a shoe rack at the entrance along with some slippers. Your guests will be super comfortable and they won’t scratch or mess up your floors.

Getting a handheld cleaner is fantastic for cleaning cobwebs and other Halloween decorations. Remember to get extra trash bags as well.

Tidying guest bedroom for halloween - Oakville Maids


There you have it! Our guide to cleaning your home quickly this Halloween. It’s quite simple and straightforward so you can complete these tasks in no time.

There’s a lot of activities planned out in Oakville this Halloween. You can enjoy a Halloween Spooktacular at the Amazing Adventures Playground this Monday. Or, you can also visit the Pumpkin Parade at the Oakville Museum this Wednesday.

If you don’t want to miss them, don’t forget to call Oakville Maids!

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