Welcome to the Oakville Maids Blog!

Hello and welcome to the Oakville Maids Blog! We have officially started our cleaning blog, and we are so happy to bring you house cleaning tips to keep your home clean and tidy.

Why a blog, you may ask? Well, a blog is a fantastic opportunity to share some cleaning tips to our community. Oakville Maids takes pride in being more than a cleaning service.

Besides helping families to clean their homes in the Oakville area, we also want our followers to know quick and easy tips to keep their home tidy. And if they need a house cleaning service at the end of the week or the month, even better!

In this little corner of the internet, we can help anyone that is trying to learn how to clean their homes, everyone from beginners to fellow professional cleaners.

This includes DIY all-purpose cleaners, effective techniques to keep your home tidy, and even debunking cleaning myths.

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the cleaning topics you’re going to find in the Oakville Maids blog!



Learn Cleaning Tips from Oakville Maids

Sharing cleaning tips and tricks is one of our favorite tasks!

Whenever our customers ask how to keep their homes clean, we’re always happy to share what to do and what to avoid. And now we get to share it with the internet as well!

In today’s digital age, we know you have every piece of information you can find. And it’s tempting to try the first cleaning tip you find. But many of these tips are not only ineffective, but they can also make the situation worse or even become risky.

This is why, at the Oakville Maids blog, you will find all the cleaning secrets, and all straight from professional cleaners!

We’re sure this will be helpful if you are a cleaning rookie and feeling overwhelmed with all the available cleaning techniques, or if you’re a pro and want to double-check your preferred strategies to clean your clients’ home or your own.


Find a Cleaning Community

One of the biggest benefits of a cleaning blog is to find a community to share tips, ask questions and hear advice from everyone!

It’s always helpful to share and receive advice and stay motivated as well.

It’s not easy to keep our home clean and be consistent with our schedule. With a cleaning community, you will have support and tools to help you organize the best cleaning times for your own household and routine.

Besides, there’s always new products and techniques coming out and it’s interesting to learn other people’s experiences and stories.


Learn News and Updates from Oakville Maids

We want to take the Oakville Maids blog as a space to share exciting news and updates from our company.

As a cleaning service, we want you to learn from us and what’s going with our business. This includes news from our staff, events and awards that we’ve received. It’s always nice to share our best moments with our customers!

Last but not least, we can’t wait to share our deals and discounts! This is a great opportunity for people hiring their cleaning service for the first time and want to try them out. Also, everyone with a recurring service can always benefit from a discount. It’s a win-win!


Discover New Cleaning Products

As we were mentioning earlier, there’s always new products coming out. And we know companies always try to promote their brand and you don’t know what it’s true and what’s not.

Besides, you don’t necessarily know the purpose of all their ingredients and what you should look out for when testing a new product.

We know there are people with allergic reactions to certain chemicals, sensitive to strong fragrances, or concerned about the environment.

But don’t worry! Oakville Maids is here to help. In this blog, you will find out what new products are out there in the market as well as eco-friendly or non-toxic alternatives.


Spend More Time With Friends and Family

At the end of the day, we all want to keep our home clean without having to spend a hundred hours doing so.

By following our cleaning blog, you will learn to clean your home smarter and not harder. With our cleaning checklists and techniques, you will learn how to clean your home quickly and effectively.

This will leave you with plenty of time to spend it the way you want to. That can be anything from going out with your friends, having quality time with your family, working on a personal hobby or just resting.

There are so many fun activities to do at Oakville. You can spend some time at the Gairloch Gardens and enjoy a beautiful picnic by the lake, or the Bronte Creek Provincial Park with five hiking trails to explore.

You can also have fun indoors at the Glen Abbey Community Centre, where you can do everything from swimming to play basketball and tennis, and even skateboarding.

Even if your only plan is to go out and buy groceries, there’s nothing like knowing that your home is taken care of while you spend more time with more fulfilling activities.

Stay tuned and follow us on social media to keep up with the Oakville Maids blog!