7 Tips for a Last-Minute Christmas Cleaning with Oakville Maids

7 Tips for a Last-Minute Christmas Cleaning with Oakville Maids - article Cover

Hello and welcome back to Oakville Maids! The holidays are upon us and we’re hours away from Christmas. Here are 7 house cleaning tips to impress your guests and celebrate Christmas!

We know these times are extremely chaotic and there’s so much to do.

Remember that if you live in Oakville, you’re still on time to book a professional house cleaning service and impress your guests.

And if you want to clean your home on your own, don’t worry! Oakville Maids is here with 7 cleaning tips for a last-minute Christmas cleanup. Let’s start right away!

1. Prioritize Items In Your Christmas Cleaning Checklist

In the mad dash of last-minute preparations, you have to be careful. Don’t add too many items to your cleaning checklist.

You will feel better if you accomplish 3 major cleaning tasks instead of writing down 10 of them and failing.

With a quick walk through your home, pinpoint high-traffic areas. Consider where your guests will hang around most of the time.

These areas are often the living room, the dining space, the kitchen, and a guest bathroom. For each area, think about one or two areas or items that look out of place, dirty, or messy.

2. Delegate Your Christmas Cleaning Tasks

Cleaning your home before Christmas, especially on short notice, is not easy. Why run this cleaning marathon solo? It’s time to call for backup!

Whether it’s your family or housemates, you can really benefit from extra hands to tackle each area. Oakville Maids is all for working as a team and we recommend you to create a checklist with specific tasks for each member.

Cleaning doesn’t have to be dreadful and tiresome! This can be a family activity and everyone will feel part of it.

3. Declutter to Impress

Before diving into a cleaning frenzy, take a few moments first to declutter. Clear floors and other large surfaces (countertops, dining tables, TV stands). Remove unnecessary items and don’t go too crazy with décor.

Having one single item as a centerpiece usually looks better than having 20 items scattered around your living room or your kitchen.

Besides the visual appeal, a clutter-free environment will make your guests feel more comfortable and enjoy their stay.

Last Minute Details Wiping Surfaces - Oakville Maids

4. Swift Dusting and Wiping

Now that your floors and surfaces are clutter-free, direct your cleaning spotlight to the most visible surfaces.

With a tight schedule, you will have to maximize your resources. Look for all-purpose cleaning products and supplies such as 1:1 white vinegar and water mix as the main cleaning agent, and reusable microfiber towels.

You might need to use glass microfiber cloths for mirrors, windows and other glass surfaces. However, keep this at the bottom of your list because it’s not essential.

Wiping surfaces tidying decluttering Oakville Maids

5. Vacuum and Refresh Carpets

If you have enough time, vacuuming your carpet floors and rugs always makes a big difference.

Vacuum in overlapping passes to ensure the entire area is nice and clean.

If you have pets and you notice a slight smell from their sweat and fur, create a DIY deodorizer. Mix water, white vinegar and a few drops of essential oil.

If you have a festive carpet freshener, that’s even better! It will turn your floors into a scented, welcoming space.

6. Focus on the Kitchen and Guest Bathroom

Kitchen really is the heart of the home, and with Christmas even more so. At Oakville Maids, we know this is truly the most important area and it needs the most care out of all areas.

By now, your kitchen countertops should be decluttered and clean. Now, you need to wipe appliances and sinks as well.

If you have granite and marble countertops, you can use slightly soapy water to clean and then wipe with a damp cloth.

In the guest bathroom, restock your toiletries and fresh towels. Add a few Christmas items and that’s it. The magic is in the details!

Cleaning Kitchen Oven Microfiber oakville Maids

7. Last Minute Details:

Hidden spaces always harbor dust and dirt even without you noticing. These are the tiny details that only professional cleaning services think of!

That’s why, if you have the time, quickly wipe and clean baseboards, light fixtures and vents. Light fixtures in particular can make your space feel brighter and more open.

Bonus Tip: Hire Oakville Maids and Forget About the Stress of a Christmas Cleaning

Our final tip: hire a professional cleaning service like Oakville Maids. We understand the struggle of cleaning a home last minute.

A cleaning service will help you remove some of the stress of cleaning and you can focus on what’s really important. There are so many beautiful places to visit during this time of the year. From Old Oakville to

Give us a call or contact us if you need our help! And don’t forget to check our cleaning blog if you want more cleaning tips. Merry Christmas!