House Cleaning Services in Mississauga, Ontario

House Cleaning Service in Mississauga, Ontario

Mississauga Ontario


Welcome to Oakville Maids of Mississauga! We are a house cleaning service serving Mississauga, Ontario. Our passion is to add an aura of serene peace and zen to the homes of our customers by creating a clean and healthy space while removing the chore of cleaning.

Cleaning your home all by yourself is not easy. It’s a demanding, tiresome task that steals your valuable time. Why deal with with sore knees scrubbing scum off of floors, endless mopping, and that never-ending dreadful dusting? Let Oakville Maids of Mississauga easily check-off these tedious task from your T0-Do list! 

Oakville Maids of Mississauga is a professional home cleaning company with two decades of experience creating happy, clean homes.  We are a subsidiary of the award-winning Dallas Maids, a maid service with a proven history of delivering consistent, quality cleanings for their customers.

Our specialty is home cleaning. We offer standard, recurring cleanings, deep cleanings, move-out make readies, one-time cleans, and cleaning for special events. No matter your home cleaning needs, we can create a cleaning checklist tailored for your unique cleaning conundrum.

Why You Should Hire OAKVILLE MAIDS Cleaning Services

There are a many options in home cleaning services in Mississauga. And we won’t lie to you; you could probably find a cheaper option. Though while we may be a little more in pricing, our customers constantly tell us that they are happy to have found a maid service that continually delivers quality cleaning while feeling secure their biggest investment (their home!) is taken care of and safe. 

Imagine coming home to a perfectly clean, healthy haven after a day of being out and about, working, running errands, or just living your life in Mississauga. Adding happiness to your life by removing the task of cleaning is our passion and purpose! 

Improved Physical Wellbeing

No more endless hours of scrubbing and mopping, leaving you with sore arms, aching back, and just tired and fatigued. Not to mention the risk of physical accidents such as stepping on little Tommy’s Legos – Ouch! 

Oakville Maids of Mississauga is here to do the hard physical labor for you so you may rejuvenate instead. 

Safety From Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals are hazardous, especially commercial cleaning products. Not only to your skin, but also to your home. Ever accidently spilt bleach on the carpet or ruin an item from using the wrong cleaning product?  

Leave the liability with our professionally trained home cleaners who are trained to skillfully and safely use cleaning supplies on your home. 

Enhanced Mental Wellbeing

Want to be happy? Hire a cleaning service a study suggests! We often say we’re in the happiness business, not cleaning business, because coming home to a serene sanctuary makes you happier. And more importantly, you didn’t have to do the stressful work.

So, leave the dirty work to Oakville Maids of Mississauga and lead a happier, more fun life! 

More Time for Yourself

Life is too short to clean. Capture hours of extra time to spend with family, friends, hobbies, or just with yourself!

A house cleaning service can be a godsend if you want additional leisure time. Whether more time with loved ones, enjoying a hobby, going out on the town such as visiting Square One for some shopping and dining, taking a leisurely stroll down at Port Credit for picturesque lake views or just resting at home. The choice is yours!


Finding a good, reliable cleaning service in Mississauga can be a pain. Continually wasting money on trying out several companies seems just a waste. So why try Oakville Maids of Mississauga? We have two decades of experience in house cleaning. The perfect cleaning company will be listen to your needs, pay attention to detail, and make sure you are informed and happy during every step of the process.

Here are some key factors that you need to look for in a cleaning service:

The best cleaning company listens to you

First of all, a good cleaning company will always listen to your cleaning needs and your concerns as a customer. This means everything from answering all questions, offering suggestions on the right type of clean, and ask for your feedback to ensure the cleaning crew is doing a good job.

The best cleaning company is reliable

We all know letting someone into your home can be nerve wracking and even a little anxious. This is why you need a reliable cleaning company. So check out their online reviews from previous customers or, ask for references from the home cleaning company.

The best cleaning company adapts to your needs

Versatility is a valuable attribute to seek in a house cleaning company. Every home is different. Every customer unique. The maid service needs to be able to adapt to each one. 

If you want to find the best cleaning service, make sure they offer different cleaning plans according to your needs. For example, recurring cleaning services such as weekly cleans for busy mothers with wild whirlwinds known as kids or a move out clean for home owners placing their house on the crazy Toronto real estate market, the cleaning service should have a clean that meets your specific needs. 

Why Choose Oakville Maids of Mississauga?

At this point, you might be asking, why choose Oakville Maids? Here are some of the values we are most proud of:

We Are Always Evolving

We continually evolve, learning based upon our customer feedback.

We always follow up with our clients to know if they are happy with their housecleaning and the service in general. We take all constructive criticism to heart. It lets us know which teams are going above and beyond to make their customers happy (they get assigned the most jobs) while giving us a chance to correct or re-train cleaning crews that may not be performing optimally. Our customers feedback allow us to know which services are in demand, adding to our repertoire of maid services. Customer input also allows us to optimized our cleaning process, from the moment you contact us and until after your service is completed.

Easy to Book Your Clean in 60 Secs! 

Our online booking process is one of our best features. Just pick the number of beds and baths along with the extras you would like and the best time for you, and our cleaning professionals will be on their way to make your home, home again. Quick and simple. 

The best part is that you can easily customize your process and add or modify your preferred cleaning tasks. You can also list the areas you want our cleaners to pay special attention to. Besides, you will be able to get a quote of the total cost of your service for free and without having to contact us directly!

Or, if you prefer, call us and one of Oakville Maids’ representatives will cheerfully answer the phone ready to quickly book your service. Depending on your needs, you might want to ask our staff to set up a one-time service, or a recurring service , such as weekly, bi-weekly (e.g. every 2 weeks  – our most popular clean), or monthly (e.g. every 4 weeks).

We are Proud of Our Work and Our People

We are our people – THE BEST! Having efficient, responsible workers is vital to providing the top housekeeping. And beyond that, we are proud to have good people with good hearts. A good work ethic and a good heart – when it comes to letting someone in to clean your house, you can’t have one without the other!

Oakville Maids of Mississauga follows a selective hiring process to ensure you have experienced, reliable and honest cleaners entering your home. And as soon as they become a certified part of Oakville Maids’ team, they learn how to do their job, listen to your needs, and report to management any issues if needed.

That’s why we are happy to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for our customers. If our cleaner’s performance or any other part of your experience was not to your complete satisfaction, contact us within 24 hours, and we will come out and clean those areas for free!

Hire Oakville Maids and Enjoy LIFE in Mississauga

There are many reasons why we believe a cleaning service is the perfect choice, especially if you live in Mississauga, a vibrant city with so many activities to enjoy.

If you and your family are thinking about an outdoors adventure, you can visit the Rattray Marsh Conservation Area, which is filled with impressive views and hiking trails. Or visit the Jack Darling Park if you want a more laidback, quiet day where you can enjoy a picnic date with your partner, your family or your friends. If you want a day of shopping, dining, and fun, visit the Rec Room at the Square One Shopping Centre, filled with all types of fun games and great food.

When you have extra time and energy, even no plan is the perfect plan. Allow yourself to enjoy a great evening or weekend without worrying about having to clean your home. Leave the rest to Oakville Maids of Mississauga, Ontario!